Patient Care Philosophy

At the TN Center for Oral, Facial & Implant Surgery, our care is focused on the needs of our patients and their families. My team of professionals are committed to delivering the highest quality health care possible in an environment of service excellence.


Patients at our clinic are partners in their individualized care planning. Communication of treatment options and explanations of procedures are provided to patients so they can make informed decisions. Diagnosis, treatment planning, education and quality outcomes are a focus of every patient visit. Our clinic welcomes patients and families of all cultures and takes pride in the care of emotional, social and spiritual needs, as well as their physical needs. We work closely with dentist, dental specialists and physicians to provide clinically appropriate, cost effective, and quality oriented treatment.


Continuous performance improvement analysis and innovation are crucial to advance diagnoses and treatments. To maintain our level of excellent care for our patients, we continue to update our knowledge and experience to provide the most up to date, scientifically sound techniques available. Our clinic utilizes evidence-based practice to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.


Technology has become an essential tool in providing safe, timely, and effective patient care. At the TN Center for Oral, Facial & Implant Surgery, we believe that access to state-of-the-art technology should be available without leaving our community.


We don’t just treat oral & maxillofacial conditions — we treat people. It starts with the personal care and attention that we give to each patient. We understand that every patient has unique needs, and we meet them with compassion and respect. Building this foundation of trust is vital to our success.


Compassion, Professionalism, Safety and Competence is at the core of my approach to excellent patient care. We are committed to maintaining a team that provides high quality of care through this personalized, courteous approach.